may all your weeds
be wildflowers



My name is Devin Williams and I am a country girl born and raised in West Virginia now living in beautiful Foley, Alabama. My husband and I moved here in the spring of 2020 to start a church and we absolutely love living here! Josh and I met in college and were happily married in December 2019. He is hugely supportive of this little shop of mine and is always willing to learn how to make our different products and lend a helping hand. We are the proud doggie parents (although Josh insists we are owners, not parents) of a beautiful 3 year old bicolor German Shepherd named Kamora and her sweet little Shepadoodle pup Willow who was born in January of this year. Josh and I have suffered three miscarriages since we have been married and are now struggling with infertility; after much prayer and discussion, we feel the Lord leading us toward adoption and are hoping to add our sweet little rainbow baby to our family later this year!



2020 was hard for everyone, but it felt especially rough for my husband and I. One month after we were married, I became so ill that I was forced to resign my teaching job. Going from working full-time to not being able to work at all was a hard transition, and although I very much wanted to return to work, it became quite clear that my health wouldn't allow me to be able to work a consistent job again. However, if I could make my own schedule, working on my good days and resting on my bad days, then maybe I could contribute financially to our family and busy myself as well. That's really when the thought of starting a small business began to form in my mind. After much prayer and planning, the doors just kept opening up, leaving me with no doubt that starting my own business was the right next step for me. So in February of 2021, I pushed aside my doubts and fears and launched Wildflower Wish Co. It has been such a wild, crazy journey since, but I am loving every minute of it! I love being able to provide you and your family with handcrafted, organic, vegan soap that's jam-packed with all of nature's goodies!


Shortly after my husband and I got married, his aunt gave me a cute little sign that simply said: may all your weeds be wildflowers. At first glance, I loved it--it was adorable--but honestly, I wasn't quite sure what it meant. The months that followed were the hardest of my entire life. My health, which up to that point had been completely fine, suddenly began failing to the point I had to quit my job teaching and spend my days at home, and many times, in bed. My husband and I had just finished renovations on our RV that we lived in full-time when Hurricane Sally came through and completely destroyed it and everything in it. On top of all that, my husband and I also experienced several miscarriages throughout the course of that year. Those months were devastatingly difficult, but I can honestly say that as I looked back at each of those hard times I saw that God always brought something good out of them. It was then that the meaning of the sign became clear to me. In our lives, weeds grow--in other words, things happen that we didn't plan for or don't necessarily even want. But if we take a good look at the unexpected and unwanted "weeds" that pop up in our lives, we can find beauty and good in them. It's all about perspective, friends. So, that's how my little shop got its name! Because that little sign is my wish for each one of you: may all your weeds be wildflowers!

wooden planks with fall leaves
owner Devin Williams with her husband Josh
owner Devin Williams with her husband Josh